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How to find slack communities as a freelancer

Are you wondering how to find slack communities as a freelancer? If so, you’re in the right place. Slack communities are great for connecting with like-minded people, learning new skills, and finding work.

How to find slack communities as a freelancer

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After joining a few slack groups and doing research, I’ve created a list of slack communities that I think are great for freelancer:

Remotely One- is the most significant worldwide community. In this community, you can connect with freelancer, freelance professionals working from home on the go or anywhere else they choose. This community is excellent for building virtual connections And discussing issues you experience, such as remote worker problems, workspace setups, etc.

Link to apply: Apply for Entry | Remotely One

Nomads Talk-  is a free community of digital nomads who l inside the lines. These people will work any and everywhere. You can also find hiring channels where you can find and hire individuals in real-time within the remote workspace. A local work channel also helps you connect to other nomads in your area.

Free sign-up link: Nomads Talk – Sign up free.

Online Geniuses is Slack’s largest marketing chat with over 35,000 members. This community contains social media influencers, freelancers, and agency owners with tips and tricks you can apply to various marketing situations.

Designer hangout – is another fantastic slack channel that is invite-only. This community focuses on UX designers. With more than 18,000 users, it’s a great place to share tips and advice. You can also get creative ideas to help you improve your craft or network with others with a passion for Ux design.

Request invite link: Request an Invite | Designer Hangout

Traffic Think Tank- is another community-run through slack. This community focuses on all things SEO-related. They offer over 300 hours of learning material, including how-to videos, documents, SEO tools, and more. Although it is not free to join, depending on your needs, it may be worth the cost.

Self-guided learning package $99USD Link: Get Started Self-guided package

The Full Accelerator $119USD Link: Get Started complete accelerator package

Although these aren’t all the communities, these are a few great choices.

How to get into exclusive slack freelancing communities

Knowing someone who is already a member and can invite you in is the first way. The second is reaching out to the community moderators and asking them to join. Finally, you can apply on the community’s website.

However, if you don’t have a friend that can invite you. Or you’re not sure how to get in touch with the community moderators. “Opting to apply on the website offers the best chance, albeit it might take a bit longer for acceptance compared to the other two methods.”

Things to be cautious of when joining a slack community

It would be best to keep a few things in mind to avoid scams when applying to any slack community.

People posing as community members to gain trust and defraud applicants
Fake Links that are sent by scammers phishing for your information
Requests for personal data like your phone number and address.
Following these simple guidelines to avoid being scammed when applying to slack communities.

The proper support system can be the difference between overall success and not reaching your full potential. Therefore before considering any slack communities, asks yourself a few key questions. What are you interested in, and how can a slack community help nurture that passion?

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