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Freelancers: The Truth About Them and Why They Get Paid More


 Freelancers enjoy quite a few benefits that aren’t offered by a traditional job. This has made freelance careers increasingly more popular in recent years. One of the top benefits is the amount of money you can earn as a freelancer. This higher earning potential is possible because of several factors, including the freedom and flexibility associated with freelance work.

 In this article, we will discuss everything from why freelancers get paid more to the highest earning freelance jobs and how to find work as a freelancer, so if you’re interested, keep reading.

Why do freelance make more than traditional employees

There are a few key reasons freelancer work pays better than traditional employment. First, freelancers aren’t restricted to the conventional 9-5 work hours. This allows them to take on additional projects and work more hours to complete them if they choose – and they often do. In fact, more than 60% of freelancers say they work more than 40 hours per week.

Second, freelancers don’t work for one specific company. They can decide what work to complete based on the project or task payout. This gives them a lot more control over their total income.

Third, because freelancers work remotely, they can collaborate with clients from around the world, where the averages for their service may be higher. For example, if someone in Australia or Europe was looking to hire a freelancer for web development, they may be willing to pay more than the typical cost of those services in the United States.

Fourth, many freelancers have specialized skills that command a higher rate. For example, a freelance copywriter who knows how to write for search engine optimization (SEO) can easily charge $100 per hour or more.

Finally, unlike part-time or full-time employees, freelancers can deduct business expenses from their taxes. This includes health insurance, computer and internet expenses, a percentage of their rent or mortgage, and more. This will decrease their overall tax payout by year’s end.

Freelancer averages by location

Location Avg. Hourly Rate
El Paso, TX $21-60
Tulsa, OK $21-60
Tucson, AZ $21-60
New Orleans, LA $22-70
Albuquerque, NM $22-65
Omaha, NE $23-75
Kansas City, KS $23-75
Charlotte, NC $24-70
Detroit, MI $24-70
Phoenix, AZ $24-70
Las Vegas, NV $25-80
Nashville, TN $26-80
Denver, CO $27-95
Baltimore, MD $28-85
Boston, MA $32-110
Seattle, WA $35-115
Washington D.C. $35-130

These are just averages. Your hourly rate could vary widely depending on the services you offer, your level of experience, and the complexity of the project or task you’re completing.

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Highest earning freelance jobs

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers with a strong portfolio can easily find work designing logos, creating social media graphics, and crafting layouts for websites and marketing materials. Average hourly rates start at $20-100$per hour.

2. Social Media Manager

Companies are increasingly turning to social media managers to help them create and execute strategies for promoting their brand on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Those with experience can expect to earn $15-$97per hour.

3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide administrative support to clients remotely, performing tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing emails, and preparing reports. Due to the growing popularity of outsourcing, virtual assistants can earn $15-$60per hour.

4. Copywriter

Copywriters are in high demand by businesses of all sizes who need compelling and concise copy for their websites, marketing materials, and social media posts. Those with a knack for copywriting can expect to earn $25-$100per hour.

5. Photographer

Photographers with a strong portfolio can find work shooting events, portraits, landscapes, and more. Rates vary depending on the project but start at around $25-$175per hour.

6. Web Developer

Web developers are in high demand, as businesses of all sizes need an online presence. Those with strong coding skills and a good understanding of web design can expect to command rates starting at $20-$125per hour.

7. Project Manager

Project managers are vital in keeping projects on track and within budget. Those with experience in project management can expect to earn $60-$115 per hour.

8. Freelance writer

As a freelance writer, you can work on various writing projects, such as creating content for websites, crafting articles for publications, and writing copy for marketing materials. Rates vary depending on the project, but you can expect to earn $15-$75 per hour.

Disclaimer: These are just averages. Freelancers can make much more or less depending on additional factors that we did not consider for the above averages.

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How to find freelance work

There are a few different ways to find full-time freelance work. The most common is through online job boards or platforms. These websites connect businesses and individuals with freelancers who can complete specific tasks or projects.

Some of the best platforms to find freelance work are:

  • Handyhubb
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr

These websites make it easy to find work as a freelancer by bringing both clients and businesses together in one place. However, it’s important to remember that not all clients on these platforms are created equal. Therefore, be very thorough and attentive when choosing clients. 

The second way to find work as a freelancer is through networking. This involves meeting people in your field and letting them know you’re available for work. You can attend industry events, connect with business owners and people on social media, or even cold-email potential clients.

While networking can be time-consuming, it’s often the best way to find long-term clients that are willing to pay top dollar for your services.

The third way to find work as a freelancer is through job boards or classified ads. These websites are similar to online job boards but are usually specific to a particular industry or region.

Some popular job boards and classifieds websites include:

-Freelance Writing Gigs


– Craigslist

These websites can be a great way to find work as a freelancer, but it’s important to remember that not all clients on these platforms are created equal. It’s often easier to find high-quality clients outside of these platforms.

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Final thoughts


There are no doubts about it-freelancers can earn more than regular employees if they’re willing to put the work in and are dedicated to delivering quality work and mastering their craft.

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